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Because it’s difficult to choose the right partner remotely, France-Iran Business Club invites the most dynamic Iranian companies in Paris, to open the gates of Iran for its clients. These companies share their insight and opportunities on the Iranian market as well as practical information and targeted advice regarding a specific sector. These meetings can also take a more confidential turn and end with an exclusive partnership in Iran. France-Iran Business Club also receives major French and international media coverage.

Because it is necessary to win the support of your whole ecosystem in the country you wish to invest in, France-Iran Business Inside organizes road shows in France and Iran to woo and convince the wide range of your stakeholders. Strengthening mutual visibility and the understanding of reciprocal needs and constraints, these shows help optimize your strategy.

Because inventive solutions emerging from Iran can match the needs of companies or institutions in France and vice-versa, France-Iran Business Innovation, sets up meet-ups around Open Innovation between France and Iran, in order to boost sharing, efficiency and performances.


Because knowledge of the Iranian civilization, history, society and traditions is the crucial first step of a deployment strategy in Iran, France-Iran Business Coaching offers to guide French companies in the process to increase their competitiveness on the Iranian market. This knowledge is an unquestionable competitive advantage, which will help them convince Iranian spokespersons and establish lasting relationships in the country.
In France, cosmopoliStan speaks at conferences or meetings about these topics as well.

Because it is helpful to be familiar with major news headlines from Iran in order to grasp potential business opportunities, France-Iran Business Watch keeps a daily watch online for French companies wishing to keep up-to-date with the evolution of business relationships between France and Iran in their specific industry.




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Because it is essential today for Iran to convey a modern image to the world, France-Iran Business Event offers French companies the opportunity to create unique events showcasing the work of an artist from the Iranian contemporary art scene, in a rare location in Paris that’s a symbol of innovation. For the French company, it is a chance to reach new stakeholders in Iran, but also to attract its international clients interested in investing in contemporary art.