As the next “hub of the Middle East”, Iran is bound to become an economic giant. You can start today, seize the opportunities this blooming developing market has to offer.

In France, cosmopoliStan is the only Public Affairs agency focused on Iran.

As a true bridge between France and Iran, the agency helps French companies on the one hand, to transform their first step in Iran into success, and Iranian companies on the other hand, to speed up their growth on the French market.

CosmopoliStan offers the following range of services: Public Affairs, Public Relations, A guide to Iran.

The French-Iranian team specializes in consumer goods, sustainable development and environmental services, construction and civil engineering, health/pharmaceutics, cosmetics, luxury, tourism and culture.



Of Iranian origins, Zahra spent her childhood in Tehran and has been living in France since 1979 when she was 7 years old. In France, she has worked as a consultant and external communication manager (press and public relations, public affairs, crisis management) in 3 renowned communication agencies (Havas, Edelman, Rumeur Publique) for international customers. She then fully deployed her capabilities within External Communication Direction of Veolia. In 2013, Zahra founded cosmopoliStan, the only Public Affairs agency in France, focused on Iran.

Zahra Azmoudeh-Giacomini
Chief Executive Officer of cosmopoliStan


Truly multicultural, Gwladys has French, Polish and Vietnamese origins and grew up in Gabon. She has worked for 5 years as a communication manager within international groups in France and at the international level (Novartis, Bristol, Myers Squibb, Gabon Télécom). Thanks to her rich experience she has acquired a wide, 360° vision of communication, experience that she deployed within the Veolia group for 8 years. Communication strategies, press relation, crisis communication, publishing and writing position papers have no more secrets for Gwladys. In 2015, she joined cosmopoliStan agency as Associate Director.

Gwladys Ramette
Executive Partner


An expert in both information management and reputation management at the international level, Delphine Cuny has spent 14 years within the Veolia group and has evolved with the age of digital communication. She is specialized in online reputation strategies, monitoring and analysis tools and in social networks positioning (specific contents design, animation of social networks interfaces, influencers’ identification). In 2015, she joined cosmopoliStan agency as Associate Director.

Delphine Cuny
Executive Partner


CosmopoliStan’s methods are collaborative in essence, when it comes to PR communication and Public Affairs consulting. They lay in the agency’s ability to build constructive dialogue with a company’s institutional stakeholders in France and in Iran. Receiving conflicting opinions, presenting arguments, persuading, are all essential keys to success and reputation management when a French company expands into or invests in Iran, or when an Iranian company expands into or invests in France.

There are four steps to cosmopoliStan’s methodology:

  • selecting the relevant partnership via market research;
  • securing the confidence of all stakeholders via lobbying;
  • optimizing company-customers relationships via marketing;
  • establishing the company as a key and renown player on the market via communication.

cosmopolistan methodology

Added value
We give you the keys to strengthen your trust relations with the Iranians.

Business and cultural tips to turn your first step in Iran into a success (see also here and there)

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