Listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, Gandom Beryan natural site in Iran’s Lout desert - Dasht-e-Lut, is well known among NASA scientists. According to measurements, it’s the world’s hottest spot, with a record ground temperature at 70.7°C.

By Anne-Salomé Daure

Gandom Beryan has to be one of Iran’s most extraordinary and littlest known places. This plain 480 km² wide located in the Kermân province, offers a unique view to its rare and adventurous visitors. It is the landscape on earth most similar to the moon’s: the Black volcanic stones scattered across its surface absorb sunrays with such an intensity that temperature can reach up to 70.7°C on summer days. Under such conditions, no living organism can grow and even bacteria can’t survive.

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The absence of volcano in the Kermân area means the origin of these black lava stones that make Gandom Beryan’s climate so unique, is a mystery. This protected site is difficult to visit in the summertime, but temperatures fall down to 27°C in the fall and wintertime making the site more accessible to visitors and their guide. Fifty thousand tourists visit the site each year.

With its landscape diversity, Iran will keep on surprising you!

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